Zipcar and Uber Collaborate for Better Rides

This ride-hailing organization has been collaborating with a different organization to provide better service to the people. Now, they have taken the initiative to go ahead and join hands with the Zipcar organization. The drivers who work for Uber will be able to use the Zipcar to provide rides to the Uber customers. This is an initiative by the organization to give more jobs to the jobless people.

Zipcar is a company which has its base in Boston and is now willing to share around 20 Sedan Cars for the drivers to use under Uber. They will be collaborating with Uber for this particular purpose. The drivers can go ahead and get the car for themselves on a rental. There is a rental charge for the each hour of the usage of the car which would be around 12 dollars.

In the past, the organization has worked with other companies to be able to provide the rides to the people by other means. It is very well known that Lyft is the company which is the strong contender to this famous ride-hailing organization. Apart from using the Zipcar, the drivers have an option to get the rental cars from other organizations such as Hertz and Enterprise as well.

This is a great opportunity for the people who would like to earn by just driving around the cities for a few hours in a day. The cards are available for the drivers to rent on an hourly basis. Apart from that, the drivers can also use the vehicle by paying 7 dollars as a monthly fee. When we compare this particular program with the other organizations like Hertz and Enterprise, it is mandatory that the drivers have to use the car for a week at least.

Apart from using the Zipcar to take rides for the people, it is essential that the drivers are paying an amount of around 250 dollars in advance as well. There is another set of payments which the drivers need to make the payment for, which would be the weekly payment for providing rides to the rides; it could range between 100 dollars.

Uber has been expanding its business venture in many different ways and helping people in other ways. It has helped many pet animals to find a home by launching a service for the kittens and the puppies in the recent past. They have also made another service available for the people, which delivering food to the people to their doorstep. Apart from that, now they are expanding in terms of providing the service of transportation by means of technology based vehicles as well.

In fact, this initiative of merging with Zipcar, which is considered to be the original organization which started with the peer-peer sharing economy business, is a kind of expansion as well. It has made more possibilities for the drivers to serve and earn more in a better way. We can say that there is no requirement to own a car to drive under Uber.

Now, we can go ahead and pay for the Zipcar and start using it under Uber for the rides and make some money. This is a possibility to bring more customers for Zipcar and gain a huge amount of profit from it. It is a kind of win-win situation for both the organizations. The number of new customers for Zipcar would increase and the drivers for Uber would increase as well.

It is actually a great help for the people who are jobless and striving hard to get into one. All the person needs to know is to drive and hold a license for the driving as well. A few dollars to invest and they can start earning as they wish to earn and there is no restriction to the time for how long they would like to drive around the cities.

The drivers will be paying on an hourly basis and it is up to them to decide the number of hours they would like to stay active and take the rides to their destination. In fact, it is a kind of endorsement for both the companies, as the drivers will be using the cars sponsored by Zipcar and the app of Uber to get the rides.

Uber drivers have to pay the monthly fees for Zipcar as the usual drivers of Zipcar would do. There is no compensation for the drivers of Uber on this part and the payment is a reasonable charge and it is obviously affordable. In fact, there is no need to drive on a contract basis as well. This is another prospect which the drivers can look up to and decide wisely.

The officials of Zipcar stated that the commitment which the drivers need to make will not a big thing. As all they need to do is sign up for the service and start riding. This is available for the drivers in the Boston city, to begin with, and we can expect that this might expand to other cities as well if this partnership is planning to expand its venture into other cities as well.

There are a few people, who own a car and are skeptical about going ahead and joining Uber to give rides. This is an opportunity for those people as well; they will be able to gain an experience on this particular factor. If they find the experience to be good enough, then there are possibilities that they might sign up with Uber for a long term service as well.

The vehicles which Zipcar adorns are really well maintained and in good shape. It is a fact that, they are pretty amazing to drive around and the experience which the drivers and passengers would gain is good as well. The automobile industry has been flourishing and there are companies around which wants to get into this particular business and start making a big amount of profit through it.

Over the period of time, it is evident that the requirements of the people around have enormously increased and it is essential that they are met. Technology is one selling factor at present and Uber has very well understood this and is making huge waves in the ride-hailing industry. It is main reason that it has made its service available for the people through the mobile app.

The company’s service is available in around 400 different countries; it takes a lot of effort to pull off something of this kind. Apart from that, it is planning to expand more in different fields and aspects; we can clearly see that there is no stopping for the company to reach the heights. They are trying to grab onto every given chance and are making the best out of it.

We as the common public cannot deny this particular fact that they are very well versed in making a great business, every after going through so many hardships, downfalls, and obstacles. There are many locations, where the company had to face the regulators and stop there service. In a few cases, they even happen to leave the city itself. But, we can see that nothing has ever stopped them growing. They made sure that all the problems are fixed and everything goes smoothly. So, folks, if you have honed the skills of driving, it is time for you to go ahead and start giving rides to the people around with the help of Zipcar and Uber.

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