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Worldly Impacts of Big Data Technology

Big Data has had an indelible impact on the way businesses operate and approach their tactics towards increasing their sales. Having said that the businesses eventually operate to serve the people and in the process earn a livelihood. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Big Data has also had a direct impact on the lives of people as well.

Data Science cutting down on Deforestation.

The policy makers and environmentalists around the world have been concerned about the rate at which the trees are being brought down to suit the requirement of raw products. Global Forest Watch, being live since 2014, with Google’s support leverages high-resolution imagery from NASA’s Satellite in order to go over 700,000 images. These images have shown over time that forests have depleted at an alarming rate and that needs to be controlled.

Whether the Weather will shine?

The Data Science is being leveraged in Big Data to go ahead with predictive analytics and understand how the conditions could take shape in the future. For instance, Basho’s Riak NoSQL has 13 data centers which are used to capture 2.2 million geographical points throughout the planet four times every day. It is believed that in the foreseeable future, the same weather company, which already processes 20 terabytes of data every day would soon change the entire ball game of weather prediction.

Feeding the explosion of population.

Given the current rate of growth in world population, it is expected that the total number of people in the entire world would reach to 9.2 Billion by 2050. It would be a challenge to feed such a huge number given the limitations of land. The Precise technology of Data Science is being brought in use to collect real-time data on weather, soil & air quality, labor costs, and crop maturity.

A study had impressive revelations for the use of this technology in Big Data. Farmers deploying it had experienced 16% increase in their yield on top of cutting down water consumption by 50%. IBM is testing the installment of sensors across farming fields to capture data regarding temperature. This coupled with the Data Science knowledge of predictive analytics, assists farmers in making decisions regarding fertilizers.

Beating the outbreak of the next Flu

Big Data has many applications in the world of Healthcare. Wearable devices are being worked upon to detect early signs of Parkinson’s disease. It has helped the industry leaps and bounds in coping with the crisis of Ebola. IBM recently released info. On how Data Science & big Data could help predict the outbreak of diseases like Dengue. Especially malaria, which causes 1 million deaths every year, has been studied deeply, the result of which is thousands of lives saved worldwide.

Data Science making an Impact on Education

An astounding learning coming from one of the most developed countries in the world, U.S.A is that every 14 seconds a student drops out of high school. This makes the total count to be 7000 a day. Curbing the failure by covering the loopholes in the educations system, is what Big Data has been called upon to do. An emerging company, in this respect, is Knewton, the platform which studies the way in which students are able to learn the best.

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