Whether it’s for your home or your business ensuring the highest amount of security and feeling safe is essential. No matter where one is, no one likes to feel uneasy, and a way of providing reassurance can come with the installation of a security access panel. Whether one chose a medium security access panel or a peephole, there are precautions one can take to enhance your security.

Have a limited budget or not sure what kind of security is ideal – we list three suggestions to improve existing features any home or business has and how they can enhance security.

Peep/Viewing Hole

Some exterior doors are not equipped with a peep or viewing hole which can make it hard to see what’s on the other side. By installing a view/peephole means that one can create a line of vision that enhances security. When one installs a view hole, it can allow the person on the inside have a clear vision of the person outside and determine if there are any issues or dangers. Along with being a great safety piece, they are also an inexpensive purchase that can give your door that extra added feature.

Hinge Screws

It is on occasion important to ensure that one’s doors are in good shape. Whether this means that the hinges are not rusty or broken to the overall aesthetics of the door. A broken door can reduce security; therefore, having a proper functioning and sturdy door can help. One way of enhancing existing doors security is through the installation of longer hinge screws. Standard doors are installed with smaller hinges; however, the installation of longer hinges can add that extra security.

Good quality proper hinges are integral to the correct function of your door.  They allow your door to close all the way with ease.  A properly functioning door is one of the easiest ways to improve safety around your home.

Security Access Panel 

security access panel is a heavy-duty door that can protect valuables, as well as create a barrier from dangerous situations such as fires.  Security access panels can vary in size, from a full-sized door or a small door, like a wall safe. In a commercial building, these panels can act as a form of an escape route in emergency situations.

Fire retardant access panels can be installed to protect in situations of fires.  Heavy, self – closing and automatic locking doors can also be established to increase safety in the event of a break-in.

Knowing what purpose an access panel is going to be used for can determine the type and make of an access panel. This consideration is also important because when it comes to commercial installation, building codes must be met.

Panels for Security

Whether it is replacing the door with a newer model or modifying it, security can be enhanced through some enhancements such as the peephole or hinges. Security doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be simple. With a security access panel, it allows for both added features of security and insulation. Don’t risk the safety of your business or home, invest in security and make small changes with significant impacts.

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