Mastering Denims

Mastering Denims: How To Pick Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans!

Denims are no stranger to anyone. Be it the overalls you wore as a kindergarten kid or the sexy, tight jeans you wear for the weekend party; they are in your closet since forever!

Want to know more to get the best jeans, here’s how you can score:

Know Your Needs:

Every pair of jeans you buy should have a certain purpose; else you will end up collecting the junk. At any point, you should have two dark pairs of jeans, one for a weekend outing and another for casual wears. You should also have a trendy jeans: a plain splattered one, cropped flared, ripped, or any thing in the rage.  Whites, if that’s what you always want to have, get it. These three basics should be in your closet, the rest colors you can add as per your requirements.

Favorite Brand:

Since you are wearing denim for long, you would now have loyalties to your favorite brands. So, get into your favorite brand store, pick your fit without wasting the time of trying and buy your jeans. However,  if you are still searching your perfect brand, spend some time in the stores that sell jeans and shortlist three or four popular names. You can also use the duer discount code to get awesome discounts on jeans.

Are The Jeans Of Your Style?

Are your jeans making you look flattering? If not, you need to change the jean. For instance, flared jeans might be advertised by celebs and look good on them; they might not be the best for you. So, look away from the norms and pick the one that suit your style. You can go for high waist jeans, relaxed boyfriend jeans, cigarette leg jeans, cropped flared styles and more.

Stretch Or Not Stretch:

While some wearers love vintage style denim that offers no stretch, some like jeans that go with their skin and is quite stretchy. Stretchy jeans lets you squeeze in the pair of jeans and make you comfortable all day. However, jeans with no stretch have restricted nature and are hard to live in.

Also, they don’t offer much comfort as other stretchy denims. If you are buying non-stretchy jeans, buy, fit-to-size only, not small. After a few years, they will become soft and comfortable that no new jeans can have.

Perfect Length:

The flash of knee-skin from ankles will instantly enhance the look and will make you look taller. So, if the jeans you have purchased fits from everywhere, not from the length, cuff them at hem. You can also get it tailored or tapered from the ankles to match it with top or your favorite tunics.

If you have a nice height, avoid choosing jean that is heavily cropped. The cropped ankle-length jeans on the tall body look awkward. Further, if you have a petite body or your height is more than normal, choose brands that offer special jeans for your body-types.

Power Of Colors:

From greys to dark blues to soft denim to darkest Indigo’s, jeans come in different variations of color to suit your style. Collect your colors and arrange them in your wardrobe.

Waist Fit:

Having the pair of jeans that not only fits you perfectly, but also accentuates the body shape is what most people look for. If you are conscious about the same, choose mid-rise denim to hide your chubby areas. You can also go for high-rise jeans as they are perfect for both short and tall body types.

Also, high waist jeans will not look good on people with a short torso, and low-waist jeans are not for the people who are conscious of flashing skin when you sit. So, buy carefully.

What makes a denim best of the best from the rest of the outfits? Perhaps, the comfort and the ease they offer. Happy shopping!

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