Is It True That Training Needs Assessment?

There are many things which we do wrong with this approach to train a person. It is very important to take some time and to think what is the reason to train someone? Why training is important for everything? If we do not know the correct answer then we run the risk of training wrong people. All companies invest huge amount of money and time to train their employees. Training needs assessment is an important phrase; unless and until you take an exam you will never know how much you are capable of learning during the training period.

First of all see whether the person is good enough to appear for the training or not. No one wants to train wrong set of people. And people those who appear for the training should be serious about it. During the training period you learn how to work. After training session there will be no one to teach you. If you join an office today, from tomorrow you will be send for training sessions. This training session can go on for few months.

A training needs assessment is the only way to know and verify the need, scope, focus and target group for the training session. It is very proactive as well as reactive. In both cases the goal for this exam is to know where a person is lacking. This exam tends to be very formal and is organised in a systematic way to have a check on the employee. The assessment is a tool through which the trainers can see how the training is going or not, whether the trainee can understand the training or not.

A particular employee’s training and development is very important for an organisation to develop. Few good Multinational Companies invest huge money and time to train its employees. Without proper training session an employee cannot work. During the training period few companies tell their employees about the company’s rules and regulations. They should also be clear with the company’s laws, so that they do not do anything to violate the rules and regulations. There are various types of training that happens all over the world. During the training sessions please do ask your employees whether they are comfortable or not, whether they can understand each topic or not. If they lack behind in any topic then take some more time to teach them. Make the matter very easy for them. Introduce them to all the tools which they will need during their job.

Many employees think what is the need to spend so much time on training? Training is kind of guidance which you get from your seniors. It is same like the way teachers teach in schools. Unless and until a teacher teaches a topic you will never know the chapter, hence you can never understand it. Nowadays most of the training takes place with the help of a computer. Most of the companies arrange a desktop for their employee during the training period. No one believes in the traditional process for training someone. Traditional process of training is very costly; no company wants to invest on it. There are new software packages available in the market which has made training very easy.

Training meets assessment is favourite words of most of the training instructors. They want to see how good they have being during the training period. If the training instructor uses a software package for the training then the job becomes much easier for them. Within seconds they will come to know about the result. And this result is 100% accurate. Generally computer gives the correct report for an exam. Regarding the flexibility of exams during training period an instructor needs to know the overall schedule of the training to chalk out the learning process. Step by step make exact schedule of exam to examine how good the employees are learning, keep an eye on their performance. Training is the most important part of an employee’s life. The best part is training instructors can benefit from the test results. Definitely they will know about the trainee’s performance and then he can give feedback on it. In a proper schedule training programme, performance exams are really helpful to control the entire learning process. Everyone has to be very serious during these days. If you really want to perform good and increase your salary within few months then please be attentive during the training period. Listen what the trainer has to say. He knows more than you; discuss your problems with them. They will surely give you some time if you have any problem. Never shy away from your trainer.

Feedback is the most critical part of the learning session. In an online training the instructors really need to analyse the results very minutely and in details. Each marks the trainee gets during the training period should be updated in an excel sheet. Suppose you are working with an organisation for years and then one fine day you are asked to attend a training session please do not get a shock. This training will be held for your betterment. Few mangers think it is necessary for an employee to attend at least one training session every year. This training will increase your capability as well as your employability opportunity. An employee should take this as a positive challenge and learn good things from the training.

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