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How To Save Money By Using The Direct Vapor Discount

If you did not know, the electronic cigarette is a much more advantageous equipment than the traditional cigarette, bringing you benefits both on your health and on the budget spent. If you are at the beginning of the road, you have the chance to encounter some problems that most beginners face. So, in the following rows, I’ve listed some of the most common issues you can have with your electronic cigarette along with the ways you can handle them. More than in the previous years, the direct vapor coupon 2018 will give you up to 40% off.

The nicotine levels : 

Classic cigarettes give smoker the nicotine level needed much faster than an electronic cigarette. That is why many specialists believe that electronic cigarette does not produce a high degree of addiction. Bearing this in mind, we recommend that you initially choose an e-liquid that has a higher amount of nicotine, and then reduce the concentration to the optimal one.

Also make sure you use the electronic cigarette in a proper way. As a smoker you will have the urge to draw smoke directly into your lungs, but the best way to pump it is to pull a larger amount of steam into your mouth and only then inhale it. A recent study shows that nicotine in electronic cigarettes is absorbed along the airway and not directly into the lungs. Here is more info.electronic cigarette

The battery does not function : 

If you use a manual battery, first press the start button 3 – 5 times, in a short time (depending on the model) to make sure it is on. If it does not work it might be a problem of connecting the battery to the clear meter. Their heads must be clean, so try to erase them constantly.

The clear miser has liquid surfaces : 

Make sure it is mounted correctly. If the problem persists, you should check if it’s time to change it. Clear model may deteriorate after a while, especially if it is carried in bags or pockets. So how do you solve this problem? Simple: Buy a new Clearomizer.

Look at this:

Suspension dry sensor : 

This can sometimes be determined by the presence of the compound called propylene glycol in the liquid composition. In most cases, a mouthful of water helps you get rid of it. If it does not help, try using a liquid with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin.

These sounds can appear if the clear-mover has flooded with e-liquid (you’ve put it too tightly on the battery, filled it up to refuse, etc.). All you have to do is undo it and clean it and then put it back in place. Of course, try to take more care. As you have noticed, most of the problems that can occur when using the electronic cigarette are quite easy to solve. If you encounter more complicated issues or need help, we invite you to contact us using one of the methods available on our contact page and one of our consultants will give you all the necessary support. Even if you are experiencing small problems do not get discouraged and remember the benefits that you have if you smoke electronic cigarettes against classic cigarettes.

When it comes to be a vaper, even if you are a beginner or a vaporer for a good time, there are a few things you should have. While there are enthusiasts who have dozens of mods, batteries, clear moods and e-liquids, you as a normal person have to have at least three things to count among those who dive.

Yes, it is self-evident that no person can be considered a vampire as long as he does not have an electronic cigarette. This equipment have evolved greatly since their appearance, starting from models very similar to traditional cigarettes and up to the performance modes that give us the ability to gush the sub-ohm and produce a large amount of vapors.

E-liquid : 

Another important thing, without which the process cannot be possible is e-liquid. This is the ingredient that facilitates vaping, as we all know. E-liquid contains ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor and, of course, nicotine. It is available in bottles of different sizes and is available in a wide variety of flavors (tobacco, fruits, mixes, etc.) and with different concentrations of nicotine. Of course, there is a variant that does not contain nicotine. Thus, due to its wide range, it’s impossible not to find the flavor and the nicotine concentration that suits you on the market. Go here for more info.

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