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Collagen in Skin care- What role does collagen play?

All of us wants to look beautiful and often go to spas and salons to revive the vibrancy and vitality of the skin but how many us are aware about the most important component of the skin care products which a beautician use? Well, not surprisingly, very few people!! Collagen, being one of the hardest, fibrous tissues constitutes one third of the volume of a human body. The molecules of collagen are packed to each other and give it a fibrous like structure. These long and sleek fibrous structures anchor the tissue and acts as a support to other cells. The main function of collagen is the maintenance of the skin, cartilaginous tissues and tendons. It is responsible for cohesion, firmness and vigor of our skin cells.

It has been reported by Dr. Erich F. Bernstein that collagen constitutes up to 80% of our skin dry weight. Being the most abundant tissue, it exists in several forms and 29 forms of collagen have been discovered yet. But in human body, essentially type 1- 5collagen is more prevalent. Also, the most common type of collagen found in human body is type-1 collagen (it is present in skin, cartilage, tendons, bones etc.). Type 1 collagen is present in the form of Elavonne’s Amino Collagen C along with Hyaluronic Acid. Once the Type 1 collagen gets deteriorated in the body, the manifestations could be seen in the form of appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

Role of collagen in maintaining skin health

Let us have a look at collagen benefits on skin. None of us wants to look aged. But unfortunately, our skin loses the ability to produce collagen and later on it eventually stops absorbing it. But we always want to hide our signs of aging.One of the best ways to maintain the elasticity of your skin is to elevate the levels of collagen uptake through your diet. Food rich in vitamin C and  Well, fashion industry has been revolutionized a long time back and now, collagen supplements are readily available in the market so as to rejuvenate your skin, restore its elasticity, and prevent your skin aging by increasing the amount of collagen which gets diminished with age.

According to research, type 1 collagen is the best form of collagen that can be used in supplement products available in market. Don’t get misguided by those products that claim that it will boost your collagen synthesis and plenish the collagen in your body once again. Every day, novel researches take place and thanks to the incredible researchers, that we have fish collagen peptides now, which have emerged as a major advancement in the production of collagen skin supplements (as bovine and porcine are less preferable due to their low absorbance).

Collagen for skin benefits includes fish collagen peptides. There are certain advantages of using a Fish collagen peptide as it can be easily digested, potentially, less allergic to the human body and can be easily absorbed by the cells of our body (due to its smaller size). Hence, to regain that youthful vigor and plumpness of your skin once again, nothing is better than the fish collagen peptides.

Collagen benefits for your skin include the following:

  1. Skin fillers- Collagen acts as filler for depression in the skin and improvising the textures of the skin, lightens the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, scars on the face.
  2. Collagen acts as a wound healer in a sense that it facilitates healing process by attracting the new skin cells to replace the damaged ones.
  3. Revitalization of the skin can be done using collagen supplements as it increases the collagen levels in your body, not directly, but by getting absorbed and providing moisturizing effects to the skin.

Hence, Collagen is one of the best guards of your skin and there are innumerable benefits of collagen for skin. Nonetheless, the collagen supplements act as a boon for our skin health. But one should always consider respective health practitioner or the dermatologist before opting for any collagen supplements. Collagen is thus, an essential component of our skin and is responsible for sustaining the elasticity and firmness of our skin.

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