Looking for some relaxing getaway to a Some places hold the aura to change mind. If you are struggling with your love life, then a romantic escape is all you need to spice it up surroundings with the mother make it obvious to influence the thoughts quite positively bearing expensive gifts for your girlfriend is an old idea to make a proposal her to the places to make her feel the best about this world with you and the odds are guaranteed to be in your . After long awaited time offs from all comes down to one big question-where to go up things for a romantic patch up this fall to these places that are certain to to your expectations.
1. Kashmir : 

Let’s begin with the crown of the country this place once and you will know what heaven looks like best month being July as the flowers in the valleys are in full bloom in mind the tranquility serves the best peace to the mind and ensures a stay with all its natural and modern artistry of Kashmir being the heart of valley provides with most beautiful attractions like Pari lake etc. The Dal lake is extremely photogenic with incredibly fascinating floating markets boats with misty mountains in the backdrop. Leh most famous visiting place of the state with Beauty of nature offers the breathtaking views are other beautiful visiting places of the state.
2.Bir Billing : 

If adventure is your kind of thing then this is the right place to go. Being the greatest hub of paragliding has a lot more to amaze with its exquisite beauty of nature from Billing and land up in Bir why it is collectively known as Bir Billing high in blue sky is indeed adrenaline sport while contemplating the scenery of the mountains is altogether a different feeling to remember peaceful aura of this place calls for meditation also are other exciting adventures entitled this place against the cold breezes will take your mind to a different world if the attractions fit your taste think twice.
3.Goa : 

When it comes to relaxing on the most exotic spa activities just one place that crosses the mind-Goa is the most place in India with beautiful beaches,water-ski and some forts as is not all about tropical beaches nights or laid back lifestyle but there is a lot more about the unique mix of Indian and Portuguese lifestyle that you can never get enough of it stay in Goa can be as relaxed or as kinetic as you want exploring the place completely would be if you are crazy about the most vibrant and live place of India if you are to spend cozy afternoons in the shade of coconut tree with some chilled drinks by your side with your partner then don’t think twice and fix Goa as your vacay Throw yourself in the unlimited fun with great offers running this fall on flight bookings with Air India Coupons and stream through the clouds to your destination
4.Kerala : 

An silence so loud reigning during sunsets at the backwaters is hard to experience if it’s not Kerala Kerala is nothing less than a kaleidoscopic dream with hell lot of and that brings life to a next level land of landscapes fresh, beautiful and greenery all around by the tropical rains is quite the attraction of the place land of coconuts welcoming to the tourists with ready to provide a hand in every sort of help required to explore the place sweet smiling faces of people there bring life to the place like no other thing.
So get ready to set your mood with a land of contrasts situated at the southern end of the country beauty of is so fascinating that it’s hard to believe if it’s or itself is at its best soothing aroma of the tea plants in the morning will awaken your senses and freshens the mood like no other place the best place to Mesmer your eyes with all the existing naturally and let you dust off the stress.
5.Manali : 

When it comes to taking a break from the daily life rings a bell in mind is the snow-capped mountains waterfalls the thrilling road trips completes the triad is one place that everyone searches for is Manali serene valleys that a lot of places to enjoy with experience quite the reason to visit view becomes more heightened in it beauty when you don’t go alone and feel the chills crossing your spine thrilling Manali-Leh highway is to add up a tinge of adventure in your journey with some adrenaline rush in your veins the lap of nature without any second thought.
6.Ladakh : 

Life is full of uncertainties but there is one place that guarantees unlimited fun and excitement-Ladakh infertile Land has evolved as the most happening place at the top of the country to call the of youth in you with the most thrilling experience of walking on the frozen river-The Chadar trek is stamped as the most potential place for its excellence the scenic beauty of this place from the highest point of the Gandala La and the dazzling perspective will drop your jaw if you are thinking about strengthening your bond is your call to hide away in of nature.
7.Taj : 

Taj Mahal of the seven wonders of the world is indeed the most visited destination in India Ivory-white mausoleum is located on of Yamuna river not just in India but around the world perfect precedent of love is worth visiting with your partners is full of Iranian and Mughal architectural styles that it will fetch enough of your time to visit each most precious architectural heritage of India is one of the most sought-after tourist in the world epitome of love and romance shines a different light once the story behind its construction learned was built in loving memory of the wife of Mughal emperor Jahan name inspired Mumtaz is the greatest monument in the history of time built with exquisite ornamentation and precious gemstones re-live the love story place is the best reminder.
8.Manipur : 

Manipur known as the Switzerland of India is the most exotic travel destination in India pristine hills and virgin forests place brings the inner transformation in the person lake is the largest lake of the region and a home to range of flora and fauna scenic beauty of the mountains and the picturesque valleys with contrasts are the treasures of this state. One can the art and craft great range of food and the wildlife in a single go state has a lot to offer than can be mentioned in words is one of those iconic places one should visit at least once in their lifetime.
9.Darjeeling : 

Engross yourself in the scenic beauty and escape the busy life queen of hills in West Bengal is known for its majestic mountains and the finest black tea in the world third highest peak in the world along with other mountains composes the adequate backdrop for any activity viewpoint of gives the glimpse of the panorama and quite a catchy spot for the dramatic sunrise would be a crime not to take a ride the Toy train if you are to visit Darjeeling you progress towards the attractions of the city scenic beauty starts to unfold itself aura of this place gives an overwhelming experience and calms the soul with its tranquil atmosphere rules the mind heightened in the mountains should definitely pay a visit if you want to what you feel your explore the region.
10.Mumbai : 

What is fascinating about this place is the glamour and squalor and desperation and reality as well as old city of dreams has endlessly dynamic and magical aspects that one can remember for life infamous dazzling city which is never far from makes it more convenient to indulge in some romantic activities to take a break from the otherwise occupied life resonates the life itself and one should never miss the to explore this magnum opus impressive is the work ethic in the local people here from the commercial hub city has of mosques and temples irrespective of the religion and affiliation are worth looking at extends way beyond anything that explains with an allure as vast as you are to this city forget to visit the Marine Drive.
India is one country that has a lot to offer to anyone seeking something special it the ancient history getaways stations or the beaches is incredibly known for its diversity will take hell lot of time to visit every corner that has something to amaze you it comes to looking for , the mind is often entangled with all iconic places you have ever heard pressure is on to choose the destinations that are worth trying once in a lifetime in mind some of the landmarks that are most touristy and literally take you a trip the top dream destinations guaranteed to have an experience that you will feel words are never going to be enough.

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